Creative Coping

What’s this?

I started this blog to cope with the symptoms of a pituitary tumour in the hope that art and poetry could heal me and others.

Here’s one of the first poems I ever wrote. Have a rummage in the archives to follow the highs and lows and revelations that are the privilege of the sick and the reward of the healed.

Pain’s Sweet Tooth

Back in this place again

This place of doom and gloom

Bloated stomach passing for womb

Once I was well and pain

Was something felt from a

Prick of thorn or cut of steel

Not as now when it grows

From a live seed

Planted deep, sown down

In furrows, virulent its saplings writhe

For supremacy, squealing for

Sugar and coffee and tea

Cake and wine and syrup and cream,

Drops will not do, bring

Buckets for bowls, Life must

Be strained and stretched to

Feed Pain’s sweet tooth.


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Hi there,
Im sorry that it took me awhile to reply back to you. Thank you so much for creating this blog…well done… Many think that Im cancer survivor as I tend to work with children and women with cancer. Having my father who died with cancer was very hard for me to cope but with peotry and writing it had kept me going…

Thank you for giving me the opportunty to be in here and to conrtibute which is a great honor for me… Please note that all my poetry is open for your to use in order to help others… if you feel you one post it here please feel free to do so….

I will try to also to contribute directly over here if you wish me to…



Comment by Nasra

Im going to send an email ..with my first contribution…

Comment by Nasra

Gabby, Hi! I hope you’re well and in good spirits. I was hoping for a new poem. Have you got any more coming out. I look forward to your postings..
Just a reminder for you of 14th August – next London Poetry Systems night at the FleaPit. Hope you can make it.

Peace and carrots


Comment by Henry

Been awhile are you getting on …Sorry I have not been a regular visitor ..

Comment by Nasra

What could I say? I thought I have problems. It’ seems in fact I don’t. Would you mind if I’d include you in my blogroll?

Comment by Jozef

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