Creative Coping

Coming down the mountain
August 11, 2008, 6:28 pm
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Wellness, what is that?

It’s what I feel now,

It’s what I want to feel tomorrow, more.


The downhill slope is

Smooth and pleasant

From up here, I think.

I dont know yet.

Shall I try it?

Do I dare? What if

A cheeky breeze kicks up and I whizz forward,

What then? Will the road

Carry on or reach a dead end,

Breeze cackling as I

Whirr into abyss?


The mountain’s somewhere behind,

The slope is here, infront-

Harbouring rocks rolled from the mountain,

I suspect, but can’t see them, yet.

All I know is that I’m at the top and bigger than those rocks.


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