Creative Coping

My world, aged 6 years
August 12, 2009, 6:38 pm
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Twister twister

Lucky dip

Sherbert dust

And Tizer pop

Daisies strewn

Across the lawn

Chains made from

Lime-bright stems

Held in grubby

Young hands

Laid around the

Circle band

Before the lawn

Mower man comes

And hoovers up

The carpet, how


A barricade is

Made. In outrage at

Adult atrocity

It guards the

Survivors chanting

‘Save the daisies’,

Still alive, yellow faces pleading.

Another day and

Daisies gone, balls

Fligh high through

Leaves to greet

Plastic bags stranded

like Repunzel with

Short hair bleached

White in the sun.

Games come like old

Yarns, never learnt

Never forgot, Hop Scotch

Starboard, What time is it


Too lat to be up

Remembering this-

Ball games like cricket

But not, rounders with

Socks for bases,

Blankets fo birthdays

‘Givim the Bumps’

Smash goes the racket,

Crack goes a window

Clean through the net,

Old enough to read


Young enough to know better.