Creative Coping

My world, aged 6 years
August 12, 2009, 6:38 pm
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Twister twister

Lucky dip

Sherbert dust

And Tizer pop

Daisies strewn

Across the lawn

Chains made from

Lime-bright stems

Held in grubby

Young hands

Laid around the

Circle band

Before the lawn

Mower man comes

And hoovers up

The carpet, how


A barricade is

Made. In outrage at

Adult atrocity

It guards the

Survivors chanting

‘Save the daisies’,

Still alive, yellow faces pleading.

Another day and

Daisies gone, balls

Fligh high through

Leaves to greet

Plastic bags stranded

like Repunzel with

Short hair bleached

White in the sun.

Games come like old

Yarns, never learnt

Never forgot, Hop Scotch

Starboard, What time is it


Too lat to be up

Remembering this-

Ball games like cricket

But not, rounders with

Socks for bases,

Blankets fo birthdays

‘Givim the Bumps’

Smash goes the racket,

Crack goes a window

Clean through the net,

Old enough to read


Young enough to know better.


Havana Fisherman
April 5, 2009, 5:45 pm
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Sitting on a polystyrene float

Fishing for something,

Feet soaked in salt water,

Cold on the ankles now

As the night-shift approaches,

Watching the water, hoping,

For some late luck to

Dangle off the hook,

As lovers sit, some, backs to

The sea, others, backs to

The road, always pairs

Unless a fisherman,

Solitary, but for bucket, rod

And hope.


He sits, sits, polystyrene

Squeaks and creaks and

Waves lap skin and vessel,

Taunting, teasing, ‘What?Still

No catch?’ They seem to say,

Those little bumps and ripples,

Carefree in their endlessness.


Time to go, back over the

Malecon*, home, to hunger and

Hungry Rosita, nothing to

Go with rice and beans

But chilled ankles and

Guitar strum.


*Malecon is Havana’s conrete wall, about 4 feet high and 2 wide, erected to keep the sea out

La Coppellia, Havana’s most popular icecream parlour
April 5, 2009, 5:25 pm
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Long line for icecream

Eyes are full with expectation.

All lines are long here,

Even Cubans can afford Time and sun,

Basking in warmth,

Softened with icecream.

Stomachs cool with the cheapest light fluff,

White like the linen worn without

A crease through the heavy

Diesel fumes, past spitting hot-dog stands.

Poetry in a cafe called Coffee@Bricklane shortly before closing time


Sweeping round my feet, no ceremony.

Customer-centric ? What?-

Too close to closing time.

Anyway, this tables’s mine for now,

And on its pink lino I’ll rest

THis little black book,

And a tweed elbow

Like so many others, hordes, in fact,

Vintage with Youth.


I’m here now writing, instead

of Yoga or eating, to stop time

And take stock.

Of what? Of myself, of course-

Narcissism or self-awareness I can’t

Tell, self-indulgence, perhaps.


‘Soup of the Day was three pounds ten.

Why ten, what’s in it for them?!

Three pound is round.

Rhyming won’t get me anywhere.


One day I hope to be above all this.

Taller trees generally have deeper roots to

Counteract the blast of the wind.


Blast this music! Always the same

Here at Coffee@, NOISE,

Racket designed to be heard,

No need to listen.


Why have I come here

To get myself in tune – all this din.

Well, if I can’t tune here I can’t tune anywhere..


Thats it! Back to Kipling,

‘If you can keep your head when

All around are losing theirs

And blaming it on you..’


Yes. I’ll keep my wretched head and

Forget regret and neglect

The errors of a self

Lost, waiting for a way out

Not picking up Ariadnes’s

Guiding thread.

Rescue from doubt
October 21, 2008, 9:56 pm
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Patient no longer

lips warm, feet warm

Hands soft and sentient.

Gone is the rumble and

The heart ache within,

here is Life soft and sweet

And ready to eat whole,

Nothing to peel off

or hack through.


Eyes whole, heart WHOLE,

Life long and waiting:

Where have you been?

i’ve been expecting you all this time.’


‘What have you planned for me?’


‘Plan? You’ll see- Be kind

To yourself as you find your way, make it easy and slow, as befits a guest,

Remember, I am Life, your host,

From this life to the next.

In the park
September 2, 2008, 8:40 pm
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Two times me:

One here with cake I didn’t want

Already consumed,

One there, in the future

Maybe, or now, if I let her,

A better her.


This cafe’s by the the lake-

For longer than a cake

And a cup of lemonade

I’ve sat and thought,

Watching people pass,

Making what they can

Of squirrels in the rain-

Nowhere to go but round the lake,

Past swans and reeds


June 19, 2008, 9:18 pm
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Firm and awake is how I feel,

Now that day is done

And night is

Come to stop

The whirr of consciousness.

Today was easy,

There was no drag,

Low air resistance and I

Soared high, even

At my desk, sat on foam.

After lunch came cruel gut,

Prompting truancy, again

the shame of crunch and swallow-

But it passed and day dawned anew

With afternoon and bloodstream teeming-

Tasks were done and now,

I’m happy to explore the night and trip on sleep, by chance,

Busy looking for a dream.