Creative Coping

My world, aged 6 years
August 12, 2009, 6:38 pm
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Twister twister

Lucky dip

Sherbert dust

And Tizer pop

Daisies strewn

Across the lawn

Chains made from

Lime-bright stems

Held in grubby

Young hands

Laid around the

Circle band

Before the lawn

Mower man comes

And hoovers up

The carpet, how


A barricade is

Made. In outrage at

Adult atrocity

It guards the

Survivors chanting

‘Save the daisies’,

Still alive, yellow faces pleading.

Another day and

Daisies gone, balls

Fligh high through

Leaves to greet

Plastic bags stranded

like Repunzel with

Short hair bleached

White in the sun.

Games come like old

Yarns, never learnt

Never forgot, Hop Scotch

Starboard, What time is it


Too lat to be up

Remembering this-

Ball games like cricket

But not, rounders with

Socks for bases,

Blankets fo birthdays

‘Givim the Bumps’

Smash goes the racket,

Crack goes a window

Clean through the net,

Old enough to read


Young enough to know better.


July 14, 2009, 9:27 pm
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Mary moo Mary

You were there

When the blossom

Came, Mary you

Were there when

The winter

Went, Mary you

Are here just like

A Gran.

Standing ironing

Sitting moaning,

Laughing, crying,

Listening to ‘Lipstick

On your collar,’

Telling tales from

The betting shop or

You and Marge’s

Latest trip to Wimpy,

 Brian, Moreen


Patrick the Irish

Queer next door.

Have some more

Cream slice,

Bread pudding,

You’ll buy four for

For me,  ‘Only a paahnd

Fifty’, to take home.

Or pie and mash for sister.

YOu? No, no you

Don’t eat like

You used to,

In the caravan,

Round, happy,

Just the sun and

Slot machines and

Walks along

The sea, girls

On leads, so’s

We dont ‘draaan’.


Please remember,

We thank you

And love you like a


Grand old Mare

The Prisoner and the Whale
June 26, 2009, 10:56 pm
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Inside a whale sits

Jonah, pondering

How many more rotting

Tuna he’ll

Stack up in the corner

Before he dies of

Stench and despair.

Not a scale can he see

Only slime to the touch

As the creature heaves

Through the Deep,

Filtering fish through its

Radiator teeth.


Jonah dreams out

And up, into the light

And over this rut.

cards fall on the table,

Dry, clean in the sun,

Behind the horizon,

Life’s line, noone

Can question

The silence beyond.

Always there.

Forever, back

Down fathoms and more

To our whale and

Trapped Jonah.

Never to see the sky

Split from the Land

And the sea

By the line.

There in the gut’s leviathon walls his

Murmurs sift the

Gloom for gold

But none drops.

Patience and hope

And his jaws will part

And out he’ll fight

Then float like a

Ripe apple, spongy after

The long winter store.

Girl in 5 parts
June 11, 2009, 6:51 pm
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My name is girl

My age is when

I feel the day

My height is fringed

With misty things, the haze

That surrounds all,

Air , or something like it,


Part 2.

My fate is but a worm

Squirming in the sand

Beneath an apple on the


My rubbery coil senses Autumn’s

Mellow fruit but feels

Only grit and cigarette ends,

Yellowed with spit

And the odd spat of sea.

Part 3.

My Date is a round

Can of something fizzy,

A man, who’ll pop

And bubble over

With sense and tunes

Told well, with confidence

Like some voluntary tramp.

Part 4.

My ache is a bell

Bent out of shape

Chord twanged by the wrong

Hand. Who”s hand?

Who cares? Lets fix it,

If it’s copper it’ll meld well.

Part 5.

My tune is a song

Soldered on to the side

of my liver, an odd

Audience, granted,

But keen, it knows exactly

Where I’ve been and what

Deals Life’s dealt.

No, livers make grand audiences,

They’ll tell you whether or not

You were truly magnificent,

With their view from the stalls.

Someone or a Tree
January 27, 2009, 10:08 pm
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Tree me up
Free me up
Let me lean on
Something stronger
Than a pole
In a bus or 
Moving escalator rubber.
Shade my heart
Let me feel the
Warmth of bark,
Not the scorch of sun.
Let me run my
Fingers deep
Along your lines
And know the shape of time.